Why should I hire a freelance writer over an agency?

Digital marketing agencies are great. I’ve gained invaluable experience from my time as a copywriter and content strategist there. As a rare in-house copywriter, I can tell you that most of the time, agencies will ask clients to provide their own copy, or they will outsource their copy needs to freelance writers.

As you'll find reflected in their rates, agencies often have much higher overhead. Rather than go through a middleman, freelancers like myself work directly with you — the client. This makes communication, connection, and success infinitely more possible.

Why is creative copywriting so important these days?

In the past, when digital distractions were far less pervasive, consumers did not look to brands for authentic connection.
In recent years, however, we’ve witnessed a tremendous paradigm shift in marketing. Long gone are the snarky, sarcastic marketing tactics that swayed consumers in previous decades. The days of the cynical advertising trope are behind us. Today, emotional branding rules.

We crave heartfelt content that aligns with our values and makes us feel seen. When brand content is humanized, it is unequivocally great. Creative copywriting uses the right words to amplify your brand voice and connect with your audience.

I’m interested in participating in the Restoring Humanity Project. How do I get involved?

Facilitated in a safe space for vulnerability and healing, a Restoring Humanity Project session includes a private heart-expanding meditation and embodied movement practice, a one-on-one guided conversation, and a uniquely explorative opportunity to find your voice, reflect from within, and share your story in an unconventional setting.

This can be done virtually, as well. Simply get in touch to schedule your private session.

What exactly is memoir?

Memoir comes from the French word mémoire, which means “memory.” A detailed perspective of an embodied life, memoir is a written collection and reflection of memories. It explores nuanced emotions, complexities, relationships, and reads like a true story. Memoir provides life lessons for the author and reader alike.

The act of writing, telling, and sharing memoir is a profoundly therapeutic and healing experience. Welcoming readers into our world, memoir teaches us about our own humanity. As an accomplished memoir and nonfiction writer and editor, it is my favorite genre to read and my favorite genre to write. After years of composing short stories and personal essays, co-facilitating memoir workshops, and sharing my own stories — I’ve come to find that everyone has a story to tell. Let's tell yours.