Lindsey has traveled around the world alone and found that everyone, everywhere wants to connect. Transcending language barriers and cultural borders, stories are what connect us. Whether written or embodied, her mission is simple — to share our stories with the world. Having found that some of the best storytellers are those who haven’t yet discovered their voice, Lindsey is passionate about taking writing out of the office and yoga off of the mat.

About me

Lindsey is an eternal student of life who never wishes to stop learning. For her, its always been around finding the right words — its always been writing. Lindsey began writing poetry in elementary school. She pressed flowers in the E.E. Cummings complete anthology and spent her youth documenting her experiences in countless journals. She cut her teeth writing in New York’s beauty and fashion industry, and worked alongside brilliant minds in academia as an assistant teacher and memoir workshop co-facilitator.

At 15, she wrote her first memoir — the one that saved her life. The story of how she shrunk herself down to nothing, and how she learned to take up space again. Lindsey has written for award-winning agencies and non-profit organizations, dog-eared and annotated every favorite page of every book in her library, and always has a pocket-sized notebook and pen handy. When inspiration strikes her, the world goes quiet. She needs to write it down then and there. In that moment, nothing matters more. Her writing has been praised for bringing heart, soul, and raw emotion to the countless brands, organizations, and individuals she has worked with. 

In her expansive career as a writer, Lindsey has flexed her creative muscle as a journalist, blogger, advocacy writer, creative copywriter, editor, marketing director, chief content creator, and creative strategist.

She’s driven by exploring the mind-body connection, weaving words together, and studying embodied movement as a form of art, of story, and of medicine. Infusing her passions into her profession, her core offerings of creative brand storytelling, embodied yoga, and 1:1 soul coaching have been thoughtfully crafted with authenticity, heart, and soul at the forefront. Lindsey’s work aims to facilitate a dialogue of what it means to take care of ourselves and each other. 

This is the organic culmination of it all — the childhood poetry, the scribbled-in notebooks, and pressed flowers. The corporate jobs, the agency life, the endlessly ink-stained left hand, the storied interactions from around the world. The lessons learned from all the teachers in her life — whether or not they knew they served as teachers.

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When she’s not writing, you can find Lindsey in the yoga studio, reading stories about wild women, and planning her next adventure. She is her happiest with a journal in her hand, dog on her lap, feet sinking into the earth, and a great vegan doughnut nearby.

Lindsey is passionate about wellness, mental health advocacy, and the great outdoors. She’s also a lifelong beauty enthusiast, at-home amateur chef, and dedicated member of the self-care movement.

Her life’s work is grounded in building community and connection through story, written word, and embodied movement. So rip off those underwires, we’ve got work to do.


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