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Luna Flow @ Luna & Soul Yoga Collective

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Weekly In-Studio Offering

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Kind Words

Lindsey, that class was beautiful in every way. Thank you for holding a space for us to be vulnerable. I felt so comfortable sharing (which most of the time I don't) and it just felt so natural to do so. I loved hearing everyone's stories and being able to relate and not feel alone in this experience. I hope you continue doing these because I think everyone needs a class like this. You truly have a gift and I'm thankful I met you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I’m very insecure when it comes to yoga because my experiences have always felt judgmental, so I’m working at being able to leave my camera on and just let go, but I’m still easing into it. Lindsey's class was so wonderful and felt so much more accessible to me. Lindsey is magical. She is such a natural, and the whole combination of the words she read paired with the music and the movement felt so authentic and innate that it transcended into my own experience. I am so grateful for the space she created. She made me feel safe, comfortable, and grounded in my body. I highly recommend you check her out and try one of the classes. So much intentionality! She is such a beautiful soul.

Lindsey’s classes are warm, welcoming, and accessible for all. She creates such special and unique offerings that come from the heart. Lindsey holds space for students to be themselves and it is a magical experience.

I took your Valentine's Day lady class and loved it! You created such a safe space and soothing environment. I definitely cried during those heart-openers and felt a tremendous sense of relief. It felt so nice to be connected, both on-screen and through the playlist, to so many amazing women. I definitely needed that connection!

It was an honor to be part of your offering. I loved the movement; it is so hard to get on my mat sometimes and I really appreciated your yoga flow. Your words, the space you created, everything was so dreamy and beautiful. I love that you gave us space to move our body however we wanted to as well. It all felt as if it was flowing beautifully and it also felt very intuitive. You are a very strong woman, but you also carry with you such warming, nurturing energy and I love that about you. I have no doubt that you will help many women to come home to themselves, to heal and grow.


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