Soul Coaching

Your relationship with yourself sets the foundation for everything else. Knowing that you can no longer pour from an empty cup, soul coaching lays the groundwork for a life rooted in love, so that you can show up for yourself and your community again and again. True transformation begins at the soul level — and it begins with you.

When we heal ourselves
we heal the collective

Yoga teacher and social justice activist Michelle C. Johnson said that we have been conditioned to not remember our wholeness.

In a 1:1 container, we’ll move through the soul work necessary to actualize your story, strengthen your sacred connection to self, nurture and awake the divine feminine within, and discover your wholeness once more.

As my teacher says, we are all on this journey together. Maybe I am just a few steps ahead of you on the path — I’ve been where you are. Let me walk with you, and reach out my hand to help guide you past the puddles and navigate the rocks and brambles along the way.

Soul Coaching is comprised of three different modules – Sacred Embodiment, Soulful Alignment, and Narrative Alchemy. Through a harmonious balance of shadow work and light, self-inquiry, and guided inspired action, you’ll get crystal clear on your passion and your purpose, learn to lead with the heart, and truly live from a place of alignment. 

Throughout the course of the program, you will learn what it is to take up space, to have agency over your own body, to stand tall in what you believe in, to transform your perceived weaknesses into strengths, and stop trying to tame your wild.

Come Home to Yourself

If you are seeking a deep connection to self, and a fuller understanding of your path in this world, this program is for you. 

Wherever you are in your journey, the soul coaching framework is designed to hold space for your inner work around healing, personal narrative, and the mind-body connection. This program and process bring together my lived and professional experience as a women’s empowerment and soul coach, women’s guidance facilitator, trauma-informed yoga teacher, workshop facilitator, soulful storyteller, creative writer, and mental health advocate.

Through soulful integration, I’ve joined together the various tools and modalities I have learned over the last 15 years into a heart-expanding practice that guides, supports, and empowers women to come home to themselves.